We are now in the process of working out our Winter-Spring and Summer 2020 concert presentations stand by as it just keeps gettin' better.
Summer 2018 concert series.  Thanks to all who attended and made it a success.  

 June 9th, Thank You

 June 9th, Thank You

First concert of the 2018 Season and damn, it was great.  Cold by the end of the night though.  It amazes me how much they sound like the real Chicago or Steely Dan, depending on who's song they are performing.  Thank  you all for coming.  Sold out.  

July 7th, Thank You

Native Vibe has been a staple in our line up since 1995 but they have never performed with a full horn section.  They borrowed the horn players from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and kicked some musical butt.  Fabulous

 August 4, Thank You

Sold out, thank you very much...by far our most successful concert presentation to date. Not just a concert but a real stage show. Choreographed, beautiful costumes, dancing and amazing harmonies.  Thank You ABBAcadabra and Gary for making it happen for us.  

Sept 1, Thank You

This was one of our best presentations,
What made it more spectacular was that we used all local musicians...the best of the best and with only one rehearsal.  They absolutely nailed it, an amazing evening and Slimmy never sounded better.  WOW