September 10  

A celebration of the wonderful music and rhythms of Brazil on Sep 10
Lucca Winery, 16265 East River Road, Ripon, CA    

Featuring Stephanie Ozer on Piano;  Ruth Ahlers on Sax;  
Ami Molinelli Hart, percussion;  
with Randy Tico on bass:  Jorge Alabe on percussion

    While trying to decide what the closing concert of the summer should be, I was reminded that the Games of the XXXl Olympiad would just  have just finished in late August and the Paraolympics will be in process.  Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  So, in honor of Brazil, we gathered some of the best known Brazilian musicians, mostly women,  libut with a couple of guys for you ladies  and put together a group just for this show.   Hence, "THE WOMEN OF BRAZIL." 


     Fabiana Passoni, a dear friend and amazing songstress, was first contact and then she took it from there.  She invited one of the best Brazilian guitarists, Teka Penteriche, smooth and so adept at the Brazilian rhythms, as well as a fabulous singer.  Of course, then Stephanie Ozer who just masters the Brazilian feel on  Piano.  To that, Fabiana added tow amazing percussionists, Ami Molinelli Hart and Jorge Alaba along with Bassist Randy Tico and Saxtress, Ruth Ahlers.


    Truely, this will give us all a night of exotic Brazilian Rhythms....shades of the great Antonio Carlos Jobim.  


Teka Panteriche with NewBossa
Fabiana Passoni at Yoshi's Oakland
Ami Molinelli (right) doin' it right.
Ruth Ahlers on Baritone sax.  far right
Stephanie Ozer featured on Piano
with As Tres Meninas. With Fabiana and Ami
Jorge Alabe, Master Brazilian Percussionist.  
Randy Tico, Musician, Composer, Bassist
    The artists who are exhibiting their works at the Women of Brazil concert
Yvette LaForce
Yvette LaForce
Rita Barbano
Rita Barbano
Jim Christiansen
Jim Christiansen