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    As you all know, the world is in somewhat of a crisis mode.  This has an affect on all of us and none more than those in the entertainment industry.
     Our summer concert series is in jeopardy but as of the moment we are not making any decisions as to cancel or postpone any events.  We will make that determination as close to  two weeks before each event.  We want for these concerts to  proceed and we will do everything we can to see that they do
     Many of you have purchased tickets to some of the Summer concerts as well as the winter concerts that were postponed. 

    Ticket holders will have the option to choose between


– A full refund for the value of the tickets
(go back to eventbrite and ask for a refund)


– A credit, for the full value of the ticket purchase, which can be redeemed for any future concert of the same value. Contact us.


– Donating the purchase price that you have already paid to Red Tie Arts having the value of the ticket purchase be recognized as a tax-deductible contribution.  Contact us.

    Contact John at 209.543.4261 or MeJohn@live.com  and have your ticket purchase verification number handy.  

 As you all know, all of our proceeds go toward helping underserved kids who show promise and talent in music.    To us at RTA, the real tragedy is the kids we won't be able to serve during these time of the virus crisis.

For now, Red Tie Arts has postponed all scheduled concerts.  The moment it safe with no threat of the virus, we will get to rescheduling the groups that were originally scheduled.  

5927, May 6 /        May 19, 6138       June 12, 6835        July 10, 7625,  July 20 7,930         
Aug 8, 8,290      August 15, 8473       
Sept 2, 9073   Oct 13  9533,          Nov 18, 9987    Nov 26,10,106        Dec 4, 10,180

2020........ Jan 11, 17,661  Feb 24, 18,435