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Our Mission
To help underserved, talented children realize their
Artistic Dreams.

Our Vision
To produce and present quality arts and entertainment events, enhancing the quality of life in our area.
To help underserved, talented children through gifts and grants to enhance their lives.

Summer Concert Tickets Now Available

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This page will tell you about our events and, in many instances...about the groups, some music or video samples, and connect you with ticket purchasing.  

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This page will tell you about our children's programs and scholarships. You will also have access to sample applications and instructions for contacting us.

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5927, May 6 /        May 19, 6138       June 12, 6835        July 10, 7625,  July 20 7,930         
Aug 8, 8,290      August 15, 8473       
Sept 2, 9073   Oct 13  9533,          Nov 18, 9987    Nov 26,10,106        Dec 4, 10,180

2020........ Jan 11, 17,661  Feb 24, 18,435

Fe 2023, 31,825   -2024, March 9=38,117

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