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Eleven days into the new Roaring Twenties 
RTA begins our 2020 concert season at the museum. 
Boca do Rio is an exciting Brazilian group that shares the Brazilian flavor along with some modern influence...
Listen to some of the music on their
Learn more, Listen, and purchase tickets on our music page
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RTA thanks all of you who supported our summer
benefit concert series, our most successful ever

and to those of you who made it all happen, 2019
and a big thank so the performers who excelled!

ABBAcadabra            The Sun Kings          Julia Vari                  Heartache Tonight

We are now in the process of working out our Winter-Spring concerts as well as Summer 2020 presentations.  Twenty twenty promises to be even more exciting.

School districts & arts groups that Red Tie Arts works with:

Sylvan School District
Stanislaus County schools
Ripon Unified Schools
Modesto School District
Hickman Charter
Great Valley Academy


Opera Modesto
(Formerly TOP

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