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Who we are and from
where we came

 Red Tie Arts Founders,   John Griswold & Jerry Cooper
Jerry Cooper, President & Business Functions
John Griswold, VP & Entertainment & Event Director
Liz Angelo, Secretary
John Bettencourt, Treasurer


RTA's Top Line

Red Tie Arts' first function is to present great concerts and arts events.  Talent that is, or is influenced by, arts and music from around the globe for our winter series at the McHenry Museum in Modesto.  Normally, we do one presentation per month except for December.  A summer concert series on the beautiful grounds of the Lucca Winery in Ripon is more focused on larger high energy groups for fun and dancing. 

Funds raised from these events go directly to our Red Tie Kids Granting Program.

RTA's Bottom  Line

In a nutshell, our Red Tie Kids programs are designed to help underprivileged children who show great promise and talent in the arts have an equal chance to excel.   We provide "outside" lessons with the top private instructor in our area.  In the case of music, we try to hire instructors who also have practical stage and touring experience to give students more than knowing a sharp from a flat.  The purpose of the lessons is to help these sometimes "At Risk" children to become more productive adults.   More info on that  on on the "Kids" page.

Carole Ann Loux,  Education granting coordinator 
Geoffrey Bogart,  Community Outreach.
David Wadel,  Stage Management & Production

David Dow, Musical consultant and band director
Tess Aderholt, V
olunteer coordinator & Day of Show Mgmt.


Ultimate Bottom  Line

The arts confer numerous benefits on those who take part in them, from providing captivation and pleasure to promoting cognitive growth and the capacity for empathy. Moreover, childhood participation in the arts is closely linked to adult participation, suggesting that children exposed to the arts will become the future audience members who can guarantee the vibrancy of the arts for years to come.

Taken from the Wallace Foundation's website.  The Wallace Foundation is a national philanthropy that seeks to improve learning and enrichment for disadvantaged children and foster the vitality of the arts for everyone

Exploring, Celebrating, Supporting, 

and Presenting the Arts

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