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Helping the Children

Our Mission
To help underserved talented children
ealize their Artistic Dreams.

To provide positive, opportunities for underserved students of all skill levels
to explore their interest in music 

To produce and present quality arts
and entertainment events enhancing the quality of life in our area.
To help underserved,
children through gifts and grants enhancing their lives

RTA’s goal for 2024 is to fund 50 or more students supporting them in their artistic dreams.

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Bowers also co-directed with Ben Proudfoot the documentaries A Concerto Is a Conversation and The Last Repair Shop, with the latter winning an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject.

Red Tie Arts' Inspiration
Borrowed from the
Americans for the Arts website

One of the important lessons we’ve learned is that all successful youth arts programs do three things: first, they provide positive adult role models; second, they give youth the opportunity for achievement and, ultimately, recognition for this achievement; and, third, they enable youth to interact with people who have healthy beliefs and consistent standards for behavior. Programs designed to achieve these outcomes are best able to provide the opportunity that youth need to develop positive behaviors.

                      What We Offer

Our organization can provide support including the following:


  •  Instruments, either outright purchase
     or rental.                  

  •  Additional lessons as the music                           instructors may recommend.

  • Travel expenses for performances

  • We offer lessons in Piano, Percussion, Guitar, 
     Voice, violin, Cello, Bass, Horns & Woodwinds.


Eventually, our plans are to expand into other art forms such as dance, theater, visual art, and possibly even literary arts.


                      A 501(c)(3) California Corp

Great Quotes

Meet Red Tie Arts First Recipient for
Red Tie Kits Grant

Japneet Singh

 Japneet was brought to our attention by his Sylvan School District music teacher, Michelle Askeland.  Michelle said that she thinks Japneet has above average ability to become an outstanding percussionist in all facets of percussion.  Red Tie Arts is providing, for starters, a series of summer sessions with David Hawkes, who I believe is one of the greatest drummers and instructors in this area.  A great oppportunity for young Japneet, who by the way is Eleven.

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“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement.
The future of our nation depends on providing
children with a
complete education
that includes music.”


– Gerald Ford,
Former President of the United States

“Students who have
arts rich experiences in schooldo better across-the-board academically,  and they also become more active and engaged citizens,
voting, volunteering,
and generally participating at higher rates thantheir peers"
This  put  fourth by
Rocco Landesman,
Chairman of the  National Endowment for the Arts

             How your donation(s) will help

Your donation will help us reach our goal of financially helping at least 60 children in the 2018-2019 school year.   Your donation will help RTA in two ways: 

1.   All donations can be specified either to go straight to the Red Tie Kids account.  This is money that never sees the general operating fund.

2.   Unspecified donations go into the general fund to help pay for the artists, promotion and production costs.  All profits from our activities end up in the Red Tie Kids fund anyway. 


   Who will benefit

  The children will benefit--and indirectly-- society as a whole will benefit by having more productive and responsible adults.  The following quote is from the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and highlights our mission:

“Children who play the violin or study piano are learning more than just Mozart. A University of Vermont College of Medicine child psychiatry team has found that musical training might also help kids focus their attention, control their emotions and diminish their anxiety.” 

    This is one of many studies regarding the positive effects of children studying music. 



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