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Message from Jerry Cooper

Board and officers meeting Thursday, October 13th at 4:00 PM at the Village Baking Company.
   List of items to be discussed via email from Jerry.

Message from John Griswold

I am going to be posting herein some of my ideas about music and bands that I would like to host during the winter/spring series and who I would like to bring for the Summer Series. 
Lucca has said that we can use the new building for projects during the off season but there are issues.  1.  we can not promote publicly  because of too much attention about goings on at the winery (allowed 12 per year according to law) and 2,  He will probably not have things ready even though the building is up and bathrooms or kitchen yet.  
One of the things Jerry and I have discussed is going back to the Barkin' Dog Grill for our off-season events.  We have presented music there for about 5 years now with no problems and lots of cooperation from Hannibal  (owner).  We have had as many as 94 people in there but it is best with about 85 max.  We have separate staging we store at the Barkin' Dog.
Maximum fee or cost per evening's event would have to be about $1,000 bucks.  If the band needs hotel rooms, that comes out of the money, same with sound.   Only thing added on to the 1,000 would be the possibility of meals, but Hannibal  usually covers that.  If we had two tiers of ticket prices, the front 16 seats at $40, that would give us $640 and we had the other 70 at $30, that would give us a total of $2,740 for the evening with $1,700 potential profit.
Below are the types of music that I was thinking about:
David Correa.    website:
$800 including  his own sound
Un Duex Trois.   French and Italian Romantic Music
Trio Garufa   I have been in contact with the Modesto Tango Club and they are quite interested in getting their members to come out to this.
Julia Vari.  Huge star in the Latino countries, mostly Mexico.   This as a  Duo