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The brochure below would serve a dual purpose:

1....It would be just that, a hand-out as we discussed in the March meeting.  We would use it to give to people we meet and friends to get them to come to concerts.  It also tells about RTA  and lets them know about sponsorships.

2....More importantly, and as it has been brought up in the past, it would then become the "Program" for each concert.  This is done by simply adding loose leaf pages inside, either one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet or if we have enough news or ads, it could be an 8 1/2 by 17 folded to create 4 pages.  

Below are the 4 pages as it exists.  Brochure 1= cover;  Brochure 2=equals inside left page;  Brochure 3=inside right page and lastly, the back cover. 

click on image for larger version.

Brochure 1.
brochure 2
brochure 3
brochure 4
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