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Images and info for RTA members only 

The brochure below would serve a dual purpose:

1....It would be just that, a hand-out as we discussed in the March meeting.  We would use it to give to people we meet and friends to get them to come to concerts.  It also tells about RTA  and lets them know about sponsorships.

2....More importantly, and as it has been brought up in the past, it would then become the "Program" for each concert.  This is done by simply adding loose leaf pages inside, either one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet or if we have enough news or ads, it could be an 8 1/2 by 17 folded to create 4 pages.  

Below are the 4 pages as it exists.  Brochure 1= cover;  Brochure 2=equals inside left page;  Brochure 3=inside right page and lastly, the back cover. 

click on image for larger version.

RTA entry 2.png

April 11 McHenry Museum
The Spirit of Lennon.


Mr. Harrison's show is a real connect-with-the-audience kind of show.  A solo performance where he shares stories and the John Lennon music that goes with them.  See what Bonnie Raitt said about him below.  Drew and the Sun Kings performed for Red Tie Arts last summer to a more than sold-out crowd.  Have a glass of great wine, sit back and learn about the music and live of John Lennon. 

Drew Harrison of The Sun Kings presents a loving, emotionally charged retrospective of the life and career of one of the most popular artists of all time, told through songs, stories, and images from The Beatles through the final recordings of his life. Gifted with the most natural, effortless Lennon voice in the music world, Harrison has been performing John’s songs and telling the stories and anecdotes that go along with them for well over a decade.

“… A very talented musician with an amazing voice. I enjoyed him very much.”
Bonnie Raitt, Recording Artist


Don’t miss this intensely personal evening, as Drew Harrison brings to life the career of one of the best-loved and most intriguing artists of our time.

“Harrison’s ability to connect with his audience is quite amazing. His delivery has the
power to touch listeners in a way you may not think possible.”
Beth Peerless, Monterey Herald


March 14 , 
McHenry Museum

Valerie V Weinberg.

Dittos, Valerie.jpg

    We discovered this talented lady a few months ago when some of the Red Tie Arts board went to Sacramento to hear Vivian Lee perform at a fundraising event where there were a few jazz performers. 


Valerie impressed us enough to have her in our line up this year.  She is not only just a great vocalist but an amazing stylist as well, adding subtle and interesting nuances to here music. 

    One quote we got was"Valerie is extremely passionate about music. One of the most enjoyable vocalists I've ever had the pleasure of working with"...Mat Marucci, premier drummer, Cadence Records, Drum Magazine

    Not only is certainly multi-faceted... Valerie, as a performer, is sensitive, sensual, warm and engaging. As a booking agent, she is able to work closely with the musician, creating a relationship, promoting their music and bringing success to both employer(venue) and musician.


As a promoter, Valerie brings music to the Sacramento area and beyond and bridges harmonious communication..from musician to venue, to the public..all the while using her wonderfully unique style in every facet of her business.

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