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    Listings in Modesto and Stanislaus County are our top priority.  However, we will list south to Merced and occasionally as far north as Stockton and west to Tracy.  We will list east to Sonora, through Jackson as long as the events seem like they may be interesting to our readers.
We will list events that fall within our menu items but if you have something that might be hard to catagorize in one of those, please ask us.
When you send to us, make sure you have the following items included:
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Prices
  • Web link(S)
  • Ticketing info
  • Contact info
  • Several photos jpg or png is fine.

 Submit to
At this point, Red Tie will only put a brief posting about your event so make sure we can link to further information,  Eventually we will link from the brief info we provide to a "Read More" space for you.
Below is a sample listing.  
We hope to soon have pages for artists and photographers to be able to list themselves with works for sale.  But, first things first.  

Barkin' Dog Grill    940 11th St

David Dow's
Thursday Night Jam Session

Any submissions need to be submitted by the submission for below. The form is good because it reminds you of the infomation needed to get your details out to the public.  You can also send your press release and photos (No more than 2) to:


Photos should be 'png' or "jpeg".  
Verbiage should be Microsoft "Word" friendly. You need to include:  What-where-when-time-ticket prices-contact & website or facebook, if applicable.    


You are welcome to post your event out as far as you like, as much as 6 moths is fine.


We will not post anything that we believe offensive or non-fitting with our arts goals. We will contact you to let you know why, if we choose not to post something.


Examples of things for this site:

Music performances

Galleries or art exhibits

Non-profit fundraisers that incorporate arts.


Dance recitals or performances





Listings for Musical groups,  Artists, Instructors, Suppliers of arts materials, Venues and other arts support entities.

There is a new kid in town!

Soon to be launched, a comprehensive website for you/us to promote all the great arts events that the Modesto area has to offer.  Red Tie   


    Red Tie is the rebirth of which was a wildly successful arts directory for California’s central valley—racking up as much as 186,000 hits in a single month. eArtsNews ran from 1999 to 2011. The site got too big to handle so between that and our hosting folks shutting down, we called it quits. Bow Tie is more localized, smaller, more efficient and will basically cover Modesto and Stanislaus or within an area with a 40 mile radius of Modesto.

    Red Tie will cover most arts events that you should care to list and we will list them as much as a year in advance if you have the event locked down and know for sure it will take place. In addition to your events, we will also list Musicians for hire, Artists, Music and Art instructors, support for musicians like sound companies for concerts etc.  Eventually we hope to have listings for art- related products or works for sale.  Venues well also have a listing page. Bottom line…if it has to do with the arts, we hope to represent it here.

    At some point there will be a small charge for listing, but not until we deem that Red Tie has enough followers to make it worth it for our clients.  . 

    We are starting off with listings as indicated below and as different submissions come in, we will expand thoser listings. 

Art & Design                                                                             Music & Nightlife
Dance                                                                                       Movies
Theatre                                                                                      Events
Galleries                                                                                    Museums

We will be adding in as time goes by.

Artist listings                                                                             Musician/Band listings
Music & Arts Teachers                                                                Featured Arts Writers  

    If you are involved in the arts in some fashion and it is not listed above, please send anyway, we will try to work it in or create a new category. 

Please include us on your mailing list or simply send us information on your events.  Please use


Points to remember when submitting info: 

What                                         Where                                       When
Who                                         Cost (optional)                           Contact
Website                                     Email                                        Phone (Optional)

    To the above information please add a one - sentence description,  a contact for Red Tie including phone, best email, and your name.  Also, Please, have several photos to send to us.  In other words, send us the info that will sell your event. 

     Red Tie is also looking for volunteer writers who are involved with the arts that would like to write about their particular field of art.  Or…have a blog presence.

    If you have questions please contact me at   or give me a call at 209-543-4261

John Griswold for
Red Tie:   Arts and Entertainment for the Modesto Area.    Modesto, CA

1700 McHenry Ave
Suite 65-B, 196
Modesto, CA.  95350


Temporary web address for you to get an idea is

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